Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Day
No PIcs

Good news and bad news. First the bad. No pics today because my Optio's screen died...or something. I have a very expensive paper weight. In any event, I took pics yesterday, but with a film camera. I have not had time to process them.

Good news: After awfulizing yesterday over the cold, I put on 14 layers and went out with Greg and Doug. I sweated bullets. On the bright side, we had 3-4 foot ocean like swells that we seldom get here. Usually, Lake Michigan has close-cropped waves. It was, after all, a pleasant paddle. In fact, Doug got his Greenland stick lay back roll going so well that it took him three revolutions to before he could stop what was happening (he was starting to look like a goat on a spit...but I digress).

Now, off for another paddle in calmer winds but colder air. Maybe 12 layers will do it.

Paddle safe...

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