Monday, September 17, 2007

"...but I'm not allowed to cross the street" It's the old joke about a cop finding a kid walking repeatedly around the block late at night. When asked what he is up to, the child explains that he is running away from home, but he is not allowed to cross the street. I felt like that kid as I read some of the blogs this morning and considered the paddling I do.
Freya has announced that she will be paddling around some of the islands of New Zealand come October (pictured above at Canoecopia with our very own Nydia of Chase the Ana fame... but I digress).
Michael is on his 23rd day of consecutive day paddles. He, too, regularly travels from home to find interesting waters. Derrick is fresh back from his circumnavigation, and Wendy from all sorts of trips to neat places. Yesterday, I again (in the company of JB and Greg) paddled the waters off South Shore here in Milwaukee.
There was a time when I ran long distances, often in the 10 and 12 mile range, just for the fun of it. I also used to like taking long drives in search of photographic images. That was then. Now, aside from this summer's excellent trip with JB to Lake Superior, I have settled for shorter drives and day paddles followed by a hot shower and a warm meal...or coffee. And, you know, I enjoy them as much as I did my longer activities.
I don't believe I could stand up to the rigors of a long expedition. I've done the endurance thing and know that those abilities have slipped away. I find it harder and harder to train for endurance and need to retool my thinking around that idea.
On another note, the film waterproof camera I have broke, leaving me without a camera I would want to take out onto the water. I don't want to drop another small bundle of cash on another unreliable piece of "modern" equipment. It is a loss that saddens me.
Oh well. It is getting warm again with temps headed toward 80F this week. I still have folks who want to learn to roll, and I want to get the skin on frame out there some more. Maybe I don't have to cross the street to have fun.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

I can't imagine being in the same sentence with Freya's up-coming trip around the south island of New Zealand! Like you, I'm probably not up to anything close to a similar challenge, although my son has decided 'rounding Taiwan would be something I could do while he studies Chinese... Ya, right!

Ron said...

I often dream of paddling adventures ... The Inside Passage from Alaska to Vancouver, Circumnavigate Lake Superior, Newfoundland, and so many more. I'm afraid I'd return jobless, and homeless. So crossing the street can be a difficult undertaking. The paddling I do on Lake Superior, the short trips, and day paddles will have to do for now. Maybe someday .. I'm only 51, so many paddling years yet to come.

derrick said...

I'm with Michael, I don't think I'm up to anything near what she's doing. .. on the other hand. . . I'm dreaming of the next trip already. . LOL!