Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Lowly Duck

When I was a kid (chronologically), we had a canary in our home. That little guy was quite tame and would sit on my finger as if it were a parakeet. And it sang like a diva. Just turn on the water faucet and the house was filled with the most amazing sound. Ever since then I have been fascinated by birds.

I am not a bird watcher per se, but I do delight in watching them on the feeder and where ever I find them in the wild. A soaring hawk, a garish cardinal a skittish king fisher or a stark-still heron stalking a fish. All have a beauty of their own. I also welcome the sounds of our avian friends (although I can only identify a few...but I digress). But, then, there seems to be birds relegated to second tier citizenship.

Around here the geese hang out all winter and donate tons of fertilizer to lawns throughout the area. They, along with ducks, do not possess lovely voices. Still, even these commoners possess a beauty of their own. I guess that's why I took time to photograph a few when I found them hanging around our south shore launch site. Just another perk of being out there (dare I say it helps me keep my ducks in a row?).

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

And then there is the 3rd tier, the untermenschen, the double crested cormorant. Population is exploding around here.

Ron said...

Hey, I like ducks.

Silbs said...

Lady Linda likes them too...with orange sauce.