Monday, September 24, 2007

ERICHErich and I have been friends since 1996. We met at a men's initiation weekend and have spent a lot of time together ever since. We probably know more about one another than do our wives (I hope Lady Linda doesn't read today's posting...but I digress).

By profession, Erich is a glass blower and does scientific as well as artistic work. He is amazing to watch. He is also a can-do guy and has done such simple tasks as rebuilding cars, siding his house and fixing and inventing all sorts of gizmos. He loves nothing more than to be presented with something that doesn't work and being left to ponder the thing until he figures it out and fixes it.

He has three wonderful daughters which he has personally home schooled, and he is a rock climber instructor. For years we've talked about getting him into a kayak and, just a few weeks ago, that's just what he did.

As one might expect of such a capable and athletic guy, Erich took right to it. He had my Arctic Tern doing all the things an intermediate kayaker can do with a boat.

Now he wants a second go at it, and guess what he wants to learn. Rolling, of course...and I bet he does it.
Paddle safe...

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Alan said...

You go Erich! I'm sure Erich will be bobbing up like a cork in no time. I met Erich at a party at Dicks house about 2 years ago and can verify his many fine qualities and talents. Erich is also a fine home brewer and the composer of a jingle (accompanied by tuba)to advertise his fine creation.