Thursday, September 13, 2007

Loose Ends
Here is an incoherent list of things on my mind this morning:
1. Several requests for a photo of the very lovely Lady Linda...folks want to know what she looks like, so above is a picture.
2. Ron got his instructor certification at ICE only to learn that while out of cell phone range his son had been hospitalized after an auto accident. Congrats to Ron along with prayers for his son's recovery.
3. Daveo has followed up on the recent death of a Paddler in the Apostles. Be sure to read the letters and comments his postings have generated. Lessons for us all.
4. The Capt'n is loosing weight and getting into shape. A youngster (he's only in his 50's...but I digress), he has a good approach. I will have to follow up with a posting on the over use syndrome very soon.
5. There will be an ICE in our area in a few weeks, and some of us are hoping for class III conditions.
Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

Thanks for the plug. Stay tuned for a Lake Superior Best Practices education initiative. As a guy who's come over from the 'other side' (the yachties)your feedback will be needed and greatly appreciated.

Silbs said...

Sounds interesting. I will watch for it.