Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everyone Into The Pool

November is petering out and will soon be replaced by December. December, in turn, will bring snow, colder air and biting winds. It will also provide some good paddling on Lake Michigan with waves and challenging rescue conditions. We will return to shore in ice-covered boats. And my bones will crave the warmth. Everyone into the pool.I absolutely love pool sessions. The weather and water conditions are constant. There is no pollution. One finishes smelling refreshed from the chlorinated water...and then steps into a hot shower. The water is even good for my skin on frames as it prevents mildew.

There are folks with whom to chat, learn and teach. It is an ideal place to practice rolling. I get to see the helmeted white water guys do ballets in their small crafts. When it is over there are helping hands around to get the boat back onto the (frozen) car. What's not to like?

Paddle safe...


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