Thursday, November 29, 2007

They're Everywhere

I used to do a lot of work that would fall into the categories of personal growth, mediation and counseling. I enjoyed it and was always fascinated by the different attitudes and personalities I observed. None among these fascinated me more than the psychopathic personality.

These are the folks (mostly men...but I digress) who are often quite charming and make good first impressions. What makes them unique is their lack of the ability to feel guilty. They are dishonest and live as if the world revolves around them. Many politicians fit this bill. Interestingly, they know right from wrong but don't seem to care.

Yesterday, while reading about this disorder, I learned that a Harvard Professor found " isolated group of Yupik-speaking Inuit(s) near the Bering Strait" that used the term kunlangeta which meant "...someone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment."

In this article in the current issue of Scientific America MIND, someone asked the Inuit what they did to deal with these folks. The answer? "Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody else was looking."

Lesson: Do not supply politicians with PFDs.

Paddle safe...



Kristen said...

Used to be married to one of those, a long time ago...

Silbs said...


DaveO said...

We need to take up a collection for a congressional fact finding tour to the Bering Strait. Great story!

Ron said...

I know one of these people, quite well as matter of fact. The sad part is he hurt a lot of people financially, and other ways as well. the good part is he is no longer in a position to do that.
Great post, I had enjoyed reading it this morning!

molfluon said...

Just been reading two of Robert O'Hare's books on these people. Psychopaths I mean. Co incidentally I shortly afterwards read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen for the first time. Who painted a very vivid portrait of one in this book. She certainly knew people. I wonder who the original George Wickham was?

Going back to the Inuits thoughI've heard recently that the original tribe who coined the word "Kunlangeta" meaning for all practical Inuit purposes (I.E. sweet talking lazy bastard who shirks, steals, lies, won't take the blame and makes endless excuses, shags any woman he can lay his hands, throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way but makes everybody miserable when he does anyway) has degenerated into just meaning evil.

Ether the original researcher has gotten it wrong somehow or the knowledge of the elders of basic tribal survival personality assessment techniques has faded due to an intervening generation or two of using ski-doos and cabins.

Sad that but not for the pesky Kunlangetas though who presumably survive un-dunked.

Silbs said...

Great comments. You came across this two years after I posted it. Wow.

molfluon said...

A few goofs in my post. The grammar was bad at times (sorry) and the author's name is Robert D. Hare. The books I read (the second co-authored btw)were:

"Without Conscience" and "Snakes In Suits". The first would be my choice if you just wanted to read one.