Monday, November 19, 2007

Paddling with the Professor

I've written before of my love of teaching and my respect for all my teachers. I've also written about Gary who taught me my first roll and continues to work with me on my forward stroke. I call him professor because of his dedication to studying the forward stroke, his dedicated practice habits and his excellent teaching methods. I was, I admit, disappointed a few years back when Gary turned to racing and no longer thought of himself as a sea kayaker (his words...but I digress) (he is also a dedicated linguistic student, and it drives him nuts when I digress withing parenthesis...which is redundant digressing...but I digress). On with the story at hand.

Yesterday, as our usual Sunday morning gang assembled, there appeared an old and welcome site. That Romany could only mean that the professor was back. And, so he was. And, what a joy for me to paddle along with him, constantly mindful of my forward stroke technique and keeping up with the maestro. I was like a high school kid anxious to show his teacher that lessons had been studied and were being applied in the field...or, in this case, on the water.
Welcome back, Gary...and thanks for being one of my teachers.

Paddle Safe...


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