Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting On With It

Well, this poor craft almost made it through the sailing season. I don't know what happened to cause her to lose her mast. I only hope no one was hurt. Looking at the pic this morning (it is below freezing out there...but I digress) and having paddled yesterday, I know how she feels. Too bad there isn't Aleve for boats.

I am easing into winter with as much grace as I can muster. Yesterday's paddle was solo and surprisingly (to me) pleasant in spite of temps in the 30s and a chill factor below freezing. My neoprene mitts were still damp from a previous outing, and it took a while too warm my hands. I was interested in Michael's posting on the farm gloves he just tried out. I hope he reads Alex's request and posts a picture of them as I've never seen anything like them.

Another sign of winter: the schedule for pool sessions has been posted.

Time to meet JB for coffee. Maybe I will be treated to another of those crisp winter morning sunrises.

Paddle safe...


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Michael said...

iyohmerI do have a picture of the gloves on my Nov 15th post. They're the green gloves lying on the dock next to the thermos cup. I'll take another pic of the gloves in 'action' when I get out paddling later today - if I go! We're up to our armpits - well, if you're really short - in snow at the moment, so it might not happen... It would be nice if they would plow the road to the lake!