Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Pro B9180

I can see old Derrick seeing that title and wondering how in heck I scooped him on a new kayak model. Scooped him? Lord knows he hasn't even heard of the B9180 (actually, knowing his wide range of interests, he may know exactly of what I speak...but I digress). Well, relax, it isn't even a kayak. It's a HP printer that I bought for high end prints.

The thing is built like a tank and often sounds like one as it aligns paper and printing heads. It is unreal how this boxy looking printer can sound like a factory that smelts steel yet produce beautiful and subtle prints. The pic above is of the mantel in the family room. Several of the prints are on 13" X 19" stock. The software is complicated, and I still am working to get the best out of the machine.

On Another Note...a follow up

That boat run aground that I posted on a few days back is still there. Turns out the guy had worked on it himself. It was his dream boat, and he had planned to sail her across the Atlantic. Considering his navigation skill, and lack there of, the Spirits were kind to him by stopping him before he got too far. Now, the Coast Guard has washed their hands of the wreck as it is not a hazard to navigation. Local authorities have been unable to reach the owner who seems to be in no hurry to salvage her. Apparently (according to one article) the law of salvage (keepers finders) does not apply, although I do not know why. It may be because we are not on the "high seas". Anyway, another reminder to...

Paddle safe...


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derrick said...

well, it you can't paddle it, I hope it at least prints good pictures!