Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Man's Best Friend

Ansel has been with us about ten years and is, in dog years, about my age. I know how he feels. Yesterday, he had a cyst removed from his neck, and the surgery was done under general anesthetic. All went well.

After I had dropped him at the vet's for his procedure, I was walking out and realized how worried I was about a dog his age have anesthesia. After he came home late yesterday, he was dopey, dull and somewhat confused. I was more worried. Had he had a stroke or was this just post anesthetic haze? His voice was raspy, and I suspect he had a sore throat from the intubation tube. I was worried that he would try to scratch the sutures, so I have rigged a bandanna to cover the area.

This morning on his walk he kept stopping and staring and seemed not to want to go on. When I turned back toward home he stepped right out. Back at the house, he finally gobbled treats after not having eaten all yesterday.

I plan to stay home and watch him all day (Lady Linda is away, I am in charge...but I digress). That's what you do for a good friend...and members of the family.

Paddle safe...



Michael said...

I told my two dogs about Ansel's day yesterday and they both barked out some 'get well' woofs. So all three of us are hoping he's feeling better soon and can get you out walking your usual route soon.

Alex said...

Poor puppy. Best wishes to Ansel.