Friday, November 02, 2007

I Stood In Bed

Usually, I am in bed early and early to rise (I plan to sue Ben Franklin for false claims...but I digress). By 4;30...6:00 at the latest...I am up and about. Today, I stood in bed until 8 a.m., even though I had gone to bed at my usual time. Maybe I needed the sleep. Maybe I knew, without looking, that there was frost on the ground. Maybe I was hibernating.

That expression...stood in bed...may be local or universal. I'm not sure. I do know that around here Milwaukee-speak still exists. It consists of phrases and words conjured by the German and Polish immigrants who first populated the area. For instance, you can hear the work "ain't" all over the country. It essentially means "isn't". Here, you can hear "ainna" meaning "isn't it so". It is usually used when one seeks affirmation for a statement. Example: that's a neat kayak, ainna?

Then there is "jeet" meaning "did you eat?". Example: Jeet lunch?

The scholars often use "Guzinta" which has nothing to do with sneezing. Example: 5 guzinta 10 twice.

Originally a friendly town, one used to hear, "Why don't you hello me, you know me so easy?"

Anyway, I'm up now.

Paddle safe...


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