Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Fine Opportunity
I spent last Friday and Saturday in Madison thanks to a kind invitation from Sam Crowley, an ACA examiner. He was holding an IDW and offered me the opportunity to assist. I grabbed at the chance. Sam was my examiner for both my Instructor Certification Exams (ICE) and my instructor update exam. I knew this would be an chance to learn a good deal.Although I've taught many classes before, this was an unique experience. To begin, the 8 "students" were not beginners who were getting into a kayak for the first time. These were folks with some experience who wanted to step up and become instructors. They were attentive, picked up things quickly and promptly rafted up when asked, thus allowing more instructional time. The sessions were divided between classroom instruction, students doing presentations "on the beach", and students presenting in a classroom session. I had opportunities to demonstrate several strokes and rescues and how to teach them. I also go the chance to begin evaluating presentations. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me sharp and keeps me growing in the sport.So thanks again to Sam and to Nancy who heads the Rutabaga Outdoor Program (ROP) up there in Madison for an opportunity to learn, grow and participate. I am grateful.

Paddle safe...

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DaveO said...

I called Nancy and inquired about that class but I was too late. Maybe next year. Looking forward to meeting Sam in GM next month also.