Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Met a Man
Yesterday, I had a nice paddle on the big lake. The air was warm, and (after so many months in a dry suit) I felt nearly naked in a farmer John and neoprene booties. I paddled down the breakwater wall in very light air and came upon a canoe. It did not appear to be damaged but, rather, looked as if someone had set it carefully on the rocks. I paddled through a gap and, as I got to the open water side, I met a man.His name was Jeff, and he was getting set to fish. Yes, he was all right, and "thank you for checking on me". Turns out, he also kayaks in a Looshka IV. We chatted for a while about our mutual interest in paddling. He told me a bit about himself including the fact (unconfirmed) that he was once the keeper of the light on Devil's Island (Lake Superior).

He noted that he had not fished on the wall last year as the rocks had just been set in place. He had, it turns out, waited a year for them to settle in, but they were still sharp-edged, and it would take the weather some time to round them off.

We said our good byes, and I paddled back on the outside. It was a nice relaxed paddle during which I met a man.

Paddle safe...

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