Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Good Ship Sullivan
She's a gaft rigged schooner built here in Milwaukee, and she docks at the Discovery World site. There are daily cruises with some volunteer staff that teach kids about the lake and do some experiments while aboard. One crew member told us an interesting story about the masts.It seems that the Menominee Tribe from northern Wisconsin donated the masts. The ships company, in return, donated several trees to be planted up north. All was done in a good way with give back to Mother Earth.She is a proud ship and an asset to our harbor. I do not happen to have any pics of her under a full suit of sails, but it is something to behold. I will eventually capture such images and share them here. Mean while, you have yet another reason to visit us here and go for a paddle on the big lake.

Paddle safe...

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