Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where's Nemo?
Gary (like Sue) is a member of the boat-of-the-month-club, and this month he has a new Nemo made by Prokayak. At just under 18 feet and 21.5 inches wide, it is fast and stable.
Gary is a racer and our local forward stroke guru, and he can make the boat slide through the water quickly and with little wake. There is a smart rudder system for trim while the boat itself is amazingly stable. If you go to the web site you can get a look at the combo of soft and hard chines used in this interesting design.
I was able to get her up to 5.4 mph with just a little effort. Being carbon, she is like a feather weight to lift. I have to say, it was a fun boat to test paddle. I can't wait for next month's boat.

Paddle safe...

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