Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Time
And the livi
ng is easy...
(with apologies to Mr. Gershwin)
At last, the temperature is in the 80'sF. The wet suits can pretty much be put away for a while (around here) and, once again, most of the weather forecasts for Milwaukee end with the well-worn words, "Cooler near the lake."
SummerFest, the world's largest musical happening, has begun, and folks are headed to the lake front for relief from the heat. Unfortunately, these same conditions breed thunderstorms and, where there is thunder, there is lightening.

You all remember the rules: hear it or see it...get off the water. If there is static on your AM radio band, the stuff is in the area. Be especially alert.

This weekend, I am off to Madison to teach a sea kayaking class and say good bye to Megan, a long time beloved employee of Rutabaga. Apparently, she has fallen in love and is headed for Alaska with that certain someone (whom I hope to meet). Now, that says summer time.

Paddle safe...

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