Monday, June 09, 2008

Nice Try...Again
The fine folks at the local (Brookfield, WI.) REI store usually put on 2 beach days each summer during which anyone can have an opportunity to get into a kayak and give it a try. PFD and safety boaters are provided as well. Usually, JB or I are asked to give a couple of demos during each event. In the past, these events have been staged at Pewaukee Lake, just west of Milwaukee.

This year the first one was canceled due to high winds. High hopes were then put into the one scheduled for yesterday, especially since it was to be held on an unique venue. You see, there is a land fill island just off the Summer Fest grounds. This precious chunk of land is a state park and offers a kayak beach and a wonderfully protected body of water. So, bright and early, we hauled our stuff down to the beach (we had special permission to take vehicles onto the island).

As it turned out, we got in about two hours of what was to be an all-day affair. As radar indicated approaching storms, we had to get out as there was zero shelter available for when the lightening would come. It was a nice try...both times. Maybe next year.

Paddle safe...

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