Monday, June 16, 2008

Go Play In Traffic...
...but do it carefully. You may not notice him at first glance, but JB is paddling across the launch lane on his return from yesterday's paddle. Lots of sailboats are moored in the back round, and one motor boat is waiting to get ashore. Thing is, probably no one is looking out for a small boat. Talk about a time to drive defensively.

We paddle this area a good deal of the time and have avoided trouble by using a few basic rules that most of you know. 1, We cross all traffic lanes as a group so we are more visible. If someone doesn't maintain group integrity, they are the most like to not be seen and to be hit. 2, We cross the lane quickly and 3, We do it perpendicularly in order to minimize our time in the lane.

Here, JB is alone, so he came up along the shoreline where it is too shallow for anything but a canoe or kayak. Once off the launch ramp, he picked his moment and quickly cleared the area.

So, now you can go play in traffic.

Paddle safe...

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