Monday, June 23, 2008

The (lost) Art
On Friday, four of us went camping at Point Beach State Forest in northern Wisconsin. The idea was to relax, eat and paddle. It was a nice enough place, however, the plan worked out for some, but not for me. First, there was the concept of relaxation.Take Doug (bless his soul) for instance. For a while I thought that he thought that he was at a Buddhist retreat site.You know what they say: Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.So Doug...That's o.k.. He enjoys that. But, then, there were the mosquitoes. It rained a lot, it was wet and there were at leas a bazillion of the hungry little buggers, and they were relentless.

Since the shoreline was boring and the lake flat, I broke camp Saturday morning and packed it in. It just wasn't worth the misery of being constantly hounded by the bugs to be able to say that I went camping. Constantly smearing chemicals on my skin in order to survive is also not my idea of enjoying the great out of doors. On a happy note, my new 4 man tent was a real luxury...and free of bugs.

Paddle safe...



Anonymous said...

you crack me up! sounds like you learned a little something while you were camping...bugs are relentless! i love the shoreline picture. looks like your trip was worth it, even if all you got was itchy whelps and a beautiful picture!

DaveO said...

Silbs, try that Ex Offico Bug Off stuff. Seems to work fine although you can sometimes wind up looking like a devout muslim woman. Or a French Foreign Legionaire......