Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting Together

I paddle alone a good deal of the time. I won't go out it the worst of conditions as I would with a paddling partner, and I take all the good precautions. These solo paddles allow me to go at my own unique pace (usually slowly) and to meander where I wish and practice what I want to practice. Sometimes, these turn out to be picture-taking sessions more than paddle sessions. Still, most days I enjoy paddling with others.Yesterday was such a day. Four of us managed to be off in the middle of the week and found time to paddle. One of us (me) was retired, one (Leslie, hidden beind the paddle blade) had the week off and two (including Vicki in the foreground and Doug farthest back) were teachers on summer break. That, in turn, led me to think about the variety of occupations amongst our contingent.

Within the Milwaukee group we have lawyers (Bob and Gary who is retired), an EMT (JB), a retired cardiologist (me), a couple in the advertising business (Sue and Jeff), a supervisor at Sprecher's Brewery (Greg...and Jennifer), a gal who works at a kayak shop (Sherri) and a whole bunch of others who do something or other for a living. It is, in the end, a great melting pot.

This sport of ours draws folks from across career lines and age brackets. Interesting in its self, the people make it all the richer. And when we go for coffee after a paddle, you cannot imagine the range of topics we discuss, and all we have to do is get together.

Paddle safe...


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JohnB said...

Interesting that of all my occupations (jobs) you picked one of my favorites, and the one that I work part-time on a regular basis. The telecommunications gig is the full-time, and the most boring of the group. Perhaps things will change in the next year--here's hoping!!!