Monday, August 04, 2008

Just Another Day
At least that was what it looked like when I went to paddle of Montrose Beach in Chicago. Just a bunch of folks in the water, some swimming, some wading and one guy paddling. It wasn't until the paddler on the sit atop came to shore and folks rushed to help him that I realized he was an adaptive paddler. Looking around, I saw the others, sitting in outrigger kayaks and arm paddling as best they could.
I was filled with a mixture of emotions as I watched them go from wheelchairs to boats to wheelchairs. After a bit, I wasn't sure which impressed me more. The paddlers or the folks who had taken the day to help them out.
I noticed that Dave (standing on the far right), of Chicago Kayak, and his fellow workers were hustling to keep the pfds, paddles and boats available. What a great service. What a great day. At the end, Mother Nature showed her approval. It is so easy for the rest of us. The least we can do is... Paddle safe...

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