Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New & Improved

Yes, if you've been a reader of this drivel for a while, you've seen this picture before. It's JB, my good friend and kayak mentor. Being human, he has recently responded to my endless coaxing, complaining and shaming and has decided to return to the world of bloggers and bloggettes.

You may have known him as seakayaker JB speaks. But now, just like all those ads for detergents, he has announced a new and improved site. Rumor is that Derrick had a hand in developoing the new site which does, after all, have a new looks.

The new mast head reads as follows:

Wilderness Connection
...conecting with the wilderness by kayak, but not solely.

Sounds tantalizing, and I am looking forward to reading it. So far, the site only sports an announcement that it is a new site; and, while we're glad he's back, we want to see some of the good stuff that I know is in his head. AND WE WAND TO SEE IT MORE THAT TWICE A YEAR.
Welcome back, JB.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Ah yes, the photo from our circumnavigation of Door County, enjoying a cup of java (notice the clean plate that once held a slice of Door County cherry pie in foreground).

Don't that the site now contains both the blog (home page) and a web site with other info.

Looking forward to retirement when I can blog till the cows come home!


derrick said...

Now isn't that a great shot?! Looks the wise writer type!

Silbs said...

Looks a little like Earnest think?