Thursday, August 14, 2008

A poet once wrote something about how he wished he could once more "...know the joy I knew as a child at play." He spoke, of course, of that fun feeling of just having fun with no strings attached.For many paddlers every outing has to be a mini work out. They have to work on this skill or that. They want to spend the day on the water getting the other or off side roll down, or spend an hour with heart rate at 80% of max.

To be sure, outings like those are valuable and desirable if one is to keep up their skills. But every single one? I think not. Myself, I spend lots of my paddling time going over basic strokes and the like, however, I spend most of it just paddling. You know, the messing around in boats thing. Sometimes I go out on the big lake and sit with my back to the city and just float and bob and forget there is a stinky, noisy city back there. I sit there and see nothing but water and sky and, sometimes, just for a moment, I experience the joy I knew as a child at play.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

As I mentioned yesterday, bobbing around in a kayak on the lake on a warm summer night is an activity that I can stand for a long time. Give me a beer while I sit there with my paddle on my lap and I'm very content.

Silbs said...

If you bring the beer, I have a lake here!