Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stepping Up
I've been talking about our Milwaukee group and how many of its members have been working hard to improve skills. I've taken heart from this as it is my belief that the better we all get at this game the safer we will be. With that thought in mind, I was happy when Greg took his IDW and passed his ICE.
Always a skilled paddler, Greg has stepped up and has begun to show that other valuable aptitude out on the water...leadership. I see him stepping (paddling?) forward to lead rescue exercises and to teach others. He has a good analytical eye, has developed his own teaching style and communicates well on the water.
Next step? Well, there's been some buzz on the Yahoo site suggesting we "organize" those of us who do traditional rolling. Sounds like a great opportunity for someone to step into.
Paddle safe...



Alex said...

Congrats to Greg! I'm sure I've asked you already and have forgotten but are you heading over to TC this weekend?

Silbs said...

Alas, I must be in Milwaukee this weekend. I look forward to your blogs on the weekend...and don't forget the photos.