Friday, August 15, 2008

They're Out There
Had a nice paddle with Doug yesterday. It was blowing 15+mph with confused two-footers in the outer harbor. We did a little paddling and a little mini-surfing. Along the way, we took in the sights, and I began realizing (again) what a variety of vessels and activities are going on out on the lake and in the harbor.This trimaran, out of Michigan, was visiting the South Shore Yacht Club bringing a message in support of clean water. I was invited to the reception but passed on the opportunity to go sailing. I wish I had gone and learned more about their mission and research.
We also came across this fire boat docked along side the police's dive recovery vehicle. Apparently, they were doing some sort of exercise. Around that time, the car ferry took off for the other side, and I began to realize how many different types of vessels are out there doing their thing. Tugs pushing barges and ocean going vessels can also be seen on various days.

Thing is, most of the time I'm not out there playing while these guys and gals are out there working.

Paddle safe...

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