Friday, October 31, 2008

Derrick Has Arrived Over There
Derrick Mayoleth is in Israel to teach at one of their symposiums. You can follow his postings (spelling doesn't count) on his Quixotica site. I, for one, think it is great the one of the "local" guys was invited to teach in another country. Actually, he lives in Baraboo, about a two hour drive from Milwaukee (and the home of the circus...synchronicity?). Derrick, of course, is best known through his years of blogging, his all black dress and his traditional rolling skills.
JB and I sometimes get to hang and even paddle with him and I, for one, have always enjoy his company. Perhaps it is because we share a right-brained disregard for the ordinary and think in conceptual ways. It doesn't bother me that Derrick comes up with nonsensical crazy thoughts. What scares me is that I understand them.

I look forward to his reports and wish him a wonderful experience over there.

Paddle safe...



Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

We drink from the same stream.

Carri said...

If I take up kayaking can I go to Israel too? Miss it so! Tell Derrick to go to Yodvitah and have a fruit smoothy for me!


JohnB said...

For those that don't know, Derrick is the kid in the middle between the two elder wise men. Gee, if the three of us would have made the trip we could have packaged ourselves as "the return of the 3 wise men"

Oh, silbs is on the left and I'm on the right -- at least in the photo, and that's about the only time you'll find me on the right! (Actually, as we are sitting there, I'm to the left of both of the others--that may be politically correct too.

I'm John Browning and I approve this message.

steve said...

We are having a great time with Derrick and are considering keeping hinm here for good.

derrick said...

Thanks guys. . . They just like having me around here for the same reason you do. . . someone to pick on! LOL! Flying back tomarrow. . . Keep it warm please!