Thursday, October 16, 2008

Using It All Up

(me scullling a few days ago)

Summers are relatively short here, and Lake Michigan is in no way a tropical body of water. Come June or July, things are warming up, and we are out there doing our rolls, braces and other nonsense. A good part of the summer sees us in wet suits and, when the air is cold and we plan a lot of immersion, dry suits.

Fall has been mild and I, for one, have been getting out there as much as I can. This past week I wore a Farmer John and a dry top and was comfy as could be.

This morning the chill factor is below 40F. I don't know if I will have time to paddle today, but if I do I will be dressing the same way with perhaps some fleece under the dry top. Point is, it will soon be freezing out there, water temps will be dropping and we (around here) need to think winter.

Paddle safe...


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