Monday, October 27, 2008

What Now,
What Next?

It was cold last night, and it is supposed to get well below freezing tonight. It isn't just autumn for this part of the planet, it's my Autumn as well. Not to worry, this isn't a poor me piece, just a short bit of musing while it remains dark outside my window.

In many ways, I feel more in the game now than when I was younger. To be sure, I dearly miss the long distance running and the Judo. If the nerve in my leg would miraculously heal, I would be back into those activities today. But the nerve will never come back, and I have found other things to do.

Before I got into paddling (late in life) winter was a hellish time for me, and I dreaded its coming. I still don't look forward to icy roads and hallways dirty with slush, but kayaking has taught me how to dress for the cold, and I paddle out on the big lake all year round. I have also begun going to a gym where I do my stretching, core work and aerobics as best I can. I can do this all at home but, as JB keeps reminding me, it gets me out of the house and amongst people.

Speaking of getting out of the house, I am seeking employment. I am not entirely content on the sidelines and want to contribute in some way. I have made some inquiries and will let you all know what comes of them...if anything. Still, I ask, what next?

My blogging has become stale. The vast majority of my paddling has become local day stuff, and I don't have much new in the way of photos to share. Still, 5 days a week, I open this page and ooze out a posting. Sometimes it is meaningful, sometimes funny, sometimes not so much. Personally, I think there are a lot of excellent kayak bloggers out there who have much more than I to say about the game. My interest, if you care to know, is really about the people, the world and the bigger picture (getting a little heavy, isn't it?).

So I sit here, in my layers and thick wool socks, and wonder where I am going with this site. I have done somewhere around 800 of these and am not sure I have much more worth saying about paddling. It has all been said, and there are just so many times I can write to warn everyone to wear a pfd.

In the end, I guess I write for myself; partly to exercise my mind and partly for therapy. As for the now, I am going to make coffee and fetch the morning rag out of the mailbox. As for what next, you'll know when I know.

Paddle safe...



steve said...

Sounds like you need a good vacation

Silbs said...

In a way, I've been on a long unsatifying vacation and a "real" one isn't in the works for the near future.

JohnB said...

You can have my "day" job!

Hey, just trying to help out a good friend!!

canoelover said...

Every blog evolves.

No worries.

Peace. D

DaveO said...

Sometimes a person has that feeling of just drifting along but we need to remember that there is always something new waiting around the corner. There are days when I don't have a damn thing to say so I don't. Other days I can't wait to sit down at the keyboard. You're a keen observer of we paddling eccentrics. Keep sharing the insight and unexpected things will happen.

Silbs said...

Thanks to all for the comments and for sharing your good thoughts.

stever said...

"What next" is a great question to be asking ourselves all the time, isn't it? Thanks for asking it in public, via your blog. I enjoy your postings, BTW, so thanks very much.

Silbs said...

Thanks, Stever, I appreciate you taking time to post that.