Friday, October 17, 2008

Something, There Is, That Draws Us To The Water
I'm thinking the same could be said about fire, but fire is high maintenance. Water is just there to be watched, to sit near, to swim in and to Paddie upon. Unlike a fire, there is nothing to gather or anything to do to get it all going. You just have to get there, where ever it is; and it is pretty much every where.
The watcher will stare, sometimes for hours, and watch the ever changing motion of the surface of a river, lake or ocean. Sometimes this brings serenity as the water gently laps the beach. Sometimes things are more stimulating as breaking waves crash upon polished boulders. There is always a new show to see. It never wears thin.

Same when afloat. Sitting and facing the horizon can be like meditating and can bring calm to an anxious soul. Feeling the hull make friends with the waves and feeling ones body pushing the boat along often creates a feeling of connection with nature (we are all related).

The water, and the weather around it, are as moody and changeable as ourselves. When we visit the water, however, it is the home team and gets to call the plays. The more we visit the water and the more we learn to live with/on her, the more opportunities the water will present for our enjoyment.

Paddle safe...


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Anonymous said...

i love the prose. water does do something to the soul, doesn't it?