Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gearing Up
Actually, this isn't one of my kayaking pieces. File it under musings. Once again, I remind myself, winter is on the way. In fact, it called last night to say it would be here soon. It is 5, am and the temperature outside is still below freezing. It is dark out there and the days are getting shorter. No worries, my bright light is in the kitchen warming up. I will soon be sitting before it with coffee in hand and reading the morning rag.

This is my morning ritual (reminder to self: do another piece on rituals. It's been a long time since the last one, and it is important...but I digress). This, along with blogging, exercising, extra vitamin D and reaching out to friends is how I get through the dark days. I gear up for the season and, this year, more so than usual.

A patient once said to me, "You may not know all the answers, but you always know where to find them." I appreciated that comment as I remembered my Jr. high school home room teacher (Henrieta Strunk) who described being educated as, "...not knowing all the answers but, rather, knowing how to find them." When in doubt get a consultant and a second opinion...and a third.

Recently, I have been reaching out to friends, some whom I've known since childhood in the old neighborhood. They have all been generous and gracious in their responses, and I am presently sitting with all the ideas I've collected.

Meanwhile, I will continue to rise early, stare at the bright light over coffee, paddle as often as possible and walk the beaches with Ansel. Life is always good. Sometimes it is better than at other times.

Paddle safe...


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