Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gary Simon Returns...
Mission Accomplished

I know little about kayak racing, but I can relate it to the marathons I've run. Both take lots of preparation, and that means hours and hours, day after day, over months of being out on the road/lake while putting in the miles. Then, as the day approaches, we set personal goals. For many ambitious marathoners, the goal is to break 4 hours.

Well, Gary has put it who knows how many miles, days and months in his Nemo (see last blog) and, I can tell you, has always pushed hard. In his mid 60's, Gary is incredibly knowledgeable about exercise physiology and training (he knows more about it than I know about torts). Before leaving for the southern Mississippi River, he expressed a wish to break the 5 hour barrier (think about paddling almost full out for 5 hours). This would, of course, require proper pacing, staying hydrated and being presented with favorable conditions.

As things turned out, it was hot and humid on race day. I know Gary pushed hard because the EMS folks had him in ice packs at the end. Thing is, he broke 5 hours, and now is safely back home. We are all waiting for the details of his adventure and hope he will be posting them soon.

Congratulations, Gary. You inspire us all, especially your contemporaries.

Paddle safe...


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