Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sorry For The Bummer
Yesterday's posting was, without doubt, a downer. It was also a little therapeutic. The coming of cold weather, shorter days, loosing a lens from my glasses, pressure to prepare some lectures and...yes...the endless electioneering all conspired to bum me out. It happens. So, today I look back to good times and refresh myself with happier thoughts. Time to jump start this old guy and get my positive mojo back. (The two pics above remind me of a happy 1906 trip to Italy). The cure, Dear Watson, is in the memories of the past. Like last year, when we socialized at Leslie's pad, and wehung out at the pool to practice rolling before accepting the reality of winter,put on the dry suits and headed out onto a frigid Lake Michigan. And, if that doesn't lift me up enough, I just remind my self that
my grandson, my daughters and one of my son in laws will be here this weekend to fill our home with happy sounds. There, I feel better. What election?
Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

You are older than you look if that first photo was of your "1906" trip to Italy.

You have aged very well. Just like a fine wine (no cheese with that whine).

If we didn't get bummed once in awhile, the bar on our highs just get raised beyond reach.


DaveO said...

I've noticed I've been more incommunicado this fall season in various far away and remote locations. And believe me, while I'm there ignorance is indeed bliss.