Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Before and After
Our Sunday paddles begin in the parking lot at our launch site. Upon arrival, there is a quick-paced effort to get boats off cars and into the water. Most paddlers arrive already in their dry suits, and we are generally on the water ahead of schedule. After the paddle, everything marches to a different drummer.

There is a more leisurely pace as we change into shore-type clothes and help one another get the boats back on our cars. Stories, some started on the water, are continued on land and into the coffee shop where we meet afterwards. That's when we exchange the news we've heard about paddlers long absent and what is going on in our own lives. Personally, I enjoy the company of fellow paddlers off as much as on the water. While in the boats, we will sometimes chat if the water is calm and the pace slow enough. But I prefer the bumpier waters and opportunities to play and improve. So, for me at least, it is the shore chatter that fills that feeling of community amongst the paddlers. What's not to like?

Paddle safe...

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JohnB said...

So, fill me in on the news you've heard. Talking about me behind my back???