Monday, February 09, 2009

The Kid is Back
Ice, hours of sitting while doing class prep, some mild sciatica and a busted back band have conspired to keep me off the water since November 30th of last year. Yesterday, that all changed. I hit the water with my new back band (thanks Doug) and got in my first real paddle of the year. I limited my distance as the sciatica was not quite gone.

We found a three foot opening in the ice shelf and were soon enjoying a nearly windless day with temps around 40F. Bob was first in and chose to step off the small shelf that is left.

Doug, as usual, decided to risk brain-freeze and got in a roll in the freezing water.

Sherri, in her Explorer, also seemed to happy to be out there again.

Now, for another first. JB, Nydia are I are getting together at our regular spot for coffee this morning. We should all wear carnations so we recognize one another.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

Bravo sir! In this country, the first paddle of the season on 8 Feb is notable. I spent the weekend perspiring.

steve said...

break out the champagne, winter is officially over now that you have had your first paddle of the season