Friday, February 06, 2009

A year ago?Rummaging through some old files and came across one for February of '08. Hard to believe that a year has passed since taking these images. Seems like a few months ago. Actually, the lake front is looking a good deal like it did 12 months ago.
It may go as high as 40 F today, and we're hoping that will take out the ice shelf that is blocking us from launching safely.
I also hope to get over to Doug's this evening and get the Romany ready to rock and roll (Bad pun. My bad). Just now, I have a bit of sciatica from long sessions in the chair doing class preparation. I think it is a mild piriformis syndrome and will start the appropriate stretches today.

Time to put the coffee on.

Paddle safe...


Hadas said...

in the :behold the kayaker" post/
what king of tripod is on the yellow kayak holding the video camera???

Silbs said...

JB, can you tell Hadas what the hardware is that you are using?

JohnB said...

That's a Gripper 3025 6 inch vacuum camera mount. Here's a link to where I purchased:

I also purchased a quick release system to mount/dismount the camera quickly. My camera is a Sony with a 30 gig hard drive and is mounted in a waterproof Sony housing.

I chose the hard drive camera so that I wouldn't need to change tapes or dvds while on the water. I also purchased a long-life battery so i can get a lot of footage (5 to 7 hours) without needing to change batteries, which is about half the capacity of the hard drive.

Is a bit top heavy, but has stood up to rolling. But don't forget to tether anything that you don't want to lose!

Can provide some better photos of too.