Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I want To See
Fixed at the bottom of all my e mails is, "My passion is teaching." That's why I do paddle days, presentations to ski clubs, symposiums and...well, teach. There is something about taking something I understand and making it understandable to another person. This is true for me whether teaching clinical medicine, pathophysiology, photography or kayaking.

In all those fields of interest, I have "borrowed" from my teachers. My eclectic way of teaching or doing a heart cath is a combination of pieces I have taken from many of my teachers. I drank in what they offered, always eager to learn more. Then, I practiced and practiced until I felt I knew it well enough to teach others.

This practice has come full round in my own lifetime. The orthopedic surgeon who did my knee was once an intern on my service (so was his wife who is now an ob-gyn). When I had emergency back surgery my anesthesiologist was an old medical student of mine. And on it goes.

What would give me great pleasure now, and what I want to see, is someone whom I've taught to kayak become a fine teacher. Pass it on.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

And, (to borrow/paraphrase your words) it gives me great pleasure to see someone whom I've taught to kayak become a fine teacher. Well done my friend!

Silbs said...

I appreciate that, teacher.

D Winter said...

Dear Silbs,



ps How do I get a picture to accompany my message?

D Winter said...


JohnB said...

Are you going to teach Sherri how to use her new cell phone too?