Thursday, February 05, 2009

Out with the old!
Just in the nick of time to help me through the winter blahs, Doug Winter sent me these photos. He has been good enough to take my Romany to his place to that the old red black band (see torn hole on your left) can be replaced with an Immersion Research band.It will sit a bit higher than shown in his photo here. At the same time, I drove by one of our popular launch sites and saw that the water was pretty open. There is still a shelf along the shore, but it is not high and just might break off wit the few days of warmer weather predicted at the end of the week.

So far, so good. Off to work.

Paddle safe...


derrick said...

Hey, does that have the nice ratchets on the back?

Silbs said...

Oh yes. Nothing but the best!!