Monday, February 02, 2009

I have cabin fever. I have calluses on my tush from doing lecture prep work. I have not been on the lake in months. I am sick of rolling around within the confines of an indoor swimming pool. Doug has my Romany and is waiting for the back band to arrive from Immersion Research. Linda is still in warm, sunny Florida. I haven't taken a decent fresh photo in I don't know how long.
DaveO's tag game has sent me rummaging through old folders. It is a sign of boredom as well pointed out today by Michael. In any event, I came across this photo of a family gathering that took place here, at my home. I went up to the second floor and invited all to "salute". I then joined the group and someone else redid the photo so that I could "salute" as well. I salute this weather and what it is doing to me.
Paddle safe...

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