Thursday, September 17, 2009

Always a Lady
Sailboats are always referred to as feminine as in, "She's a beauty." How this started I cannot say, but the deference is well applied. Sailboats, like kayaks, with their displacement hulls are a thing of beauty and grace as they glide on (actually in) quiet waters. Their bows cut cleanly through the liquid until weather stirs the waters and the shapely hulls lift themselves gracefully to climb a wave. And like all fine women, they are tough inside and can slug it out in anything we have the nerve to take them into.

And don't we treat them like ladies? We spray them with UV protective potions to preserve their lovely skins and wax them so that when in public they look their best. Should one be damaged, cosmetic surgery is done to restore her gel coat, and no one would dare guess her age.
Although we have no centerfolds in our magazines, there are all sorts of opinionated reviews regarding how they act on dates. We even (and without shame) talk about their weight and other measurements. But let's face it, we choose the one we love mostly by her eye appeal, especially as to how she looks caressing the water and the way she moves (I don't smoke, but I have this urge for a cigarette).

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

Silbs, there is one big difference with kayaks: we ALWAYS end up sleeping (sitting) in the wet spot :-)
I like your humor

What about names?
My "ladies" are always named: "Nukka" (little sister in Inuktitut) was a favorite even if a bit round in the hips.
"Wet Dream" (not kidding you, she even had a beautiful custom decal on the bow) was my first love (teal and purple, a lady of the 80's).
Currently sharing my good times with a lady I named 3Zum (a bit naughty but hey, so good).
She really knows how to give me pleasure when things get wet (surfing)...
Allright better stop now before this becomes non "family friendly" :-)

Silbs said...

Well said. I had forgotten about naming my sail boats and, now, wonder why more people don't name their kayaks. Thanks for the smiles.

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

Sweet Judy!!

We named of Cruiser Canoe, " Big Medicine II" (being out in the wilderness by canoe is big medicine for the soul)

The Sea Wind Canoe is the "Judith E"

paddle paddle...

DaveO said...

I paddle the 'Ore Freighter' my Aquanaut HV and it lives up to its name. More importantly, any word on when your new mystery boat will be arriving on US soil? Start thinking of a name right now.

Silbs said...

So, Minnesota guys already name their boats, too. As for me, my sailboats were all named Compensatory Pause (I, II, III). It has a double meaning. It is a pause to compensate for the stress of life. It is also a cardiology term for the pause after a premature heart beat.

I think the boat will be here around November. Maybe "pregnant pause"? I don't think so.