Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Time For Boats
I haven't been in a kayak in several days, and the weather has been great. The reason, of course, is that I have been granfathering this past week. First, I was in Cincinnati with the I-am-starting-the-terrible-twos-Joseph. We had a great time including a ride on Thomas the Train. If you have kids or grand kids, you know who Thomas is. If not, not to worry. In any event, I dragged myself to the airport and arrived home late Monday.At home, the charming Adena and her mom were visiting (still here), so there was around the clock activity as the 5 month old with more nicknames (Ady, Dena, squeaky) than a career criminal charmed us all.So, there you have about the only two reasons in the world for which I would pass on paddling in such fine weather (except for the rest of the lovely women in my life). No matter, I head to Madison on Sunday to teach, and that always fills me up.

Paddle safe...

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Anonymous said...

sweet! babies, cincinnati, nice weather, loving life...what more could you possibly ask for?