Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Something There Is
About Water...

...that draws me to it. Whether it be calm or not, its mere presence invites me to sit near it, wade into it or float upon it. Often alone, I find peace when out there isolated from the worries and noise of daily life. At such times I feel cradled by the often unseen but undoubtedly powerful surge of this mighty liquid that surrounds me and my little kayak.

So, I make friends, as best I can, with it. I learn its ways and temperaments and practice the skills I need to be there when the water becomes restless, even chaotic. There is no doubt that out there I have found a world where some how I can, at least for a while, let go of worldly worries and enjoy in an almost Zen-like state the joy of being totally focused.

Others, I have observed, also seek out this place. Some in small boats and others in large vessels. Some, I have also noticed, also find it special to be out on the water, especially when they share it with another.
Paddle safe...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Beautiful photos. I like the peacefullness of the first and contrast and the soft tones of the second. I can totally relate to your passion for boats. The more I look on kayaks the more I realize


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

...I love water as much. Apologize about that. Got interrupted by a phone call.


Silbs said...

Thanks, Stan.