Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Getting Back
into the boat

Okay, the trip to Cincinnati was marvelous. I got to see my daughter and son in law and, more importantly, got face time with my grandson. Paddling in a storm is easier than keeping up with a new member of the terrible two team, but I survived. Back home, I had one day to prepare for the 2 classes I just taught, and I just finished playing with my grand daughter who is visiting with her mother. It was hard getting up to speed as I was exhausted from interrupted sleep and the stress I feel when I travel.

It reminded me that I have been seeing more and more stuff written about rescues. Martin has developed the bow rescue to use instead of the hand over. There are x rescues, between the boat rescues with the paddler climbing onto the fore deck of the rescuer's boat and special techniques for the rare SOF paddler out of their boat.

They all work...if the paddlers know how to do it and have practiced it in conditions. In conditions, he said again for emphasis. How many out there have practiced their rescues in a pool or calm waters? How many in a 15 knot wind with 3foot, and building, waves? Do you go out in those conditions? If you do, have you practiced rescues in those conditions? After all, those are the very conditions in which you are most likely to go over. Enough said.

Meanwhile, and on another note, JB has once again caused unnecessary chaos, fear and tumult. Seems he was just off shore doing his rolls when he decided, after tipping over, to adjust his foot pegs. Now, I ask you, who does that? Any way, when he didn't come up of even make an attempt at a roll as he had been doing, people jumped into the water and began swimming out to his rescue. What they hoped to do (other than attach a toe tag) I don't know. Obviously, he finally rolled up and did so before his would be rescuers got to him. Enough said.

Paddle safe...

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