Monday, September 21, 2009

The World's Greatest Molecule
I just gave a basic lecture on atoms and covalent bonds, etc. to one of my anatomy and physiology classes. I suggested to them that the Pacific Ocean was one huge molecule as all the atoms' outer shells shared circulating electrons. Be as that may (or not), those gigantic molecules, be they ocean or great lake or a pond, supply wonderful recreation for lots of folks.They come from all over and by many means to get out onto the water to play, relax or go somewhere. Like fire, water draws us to her and holds endless surprises for the unprepared. A few weeks ago I watched my grandson and other children in the Cincinnati Museum for Children as they played in the water section. Although they were at the age of short attention spans, the water held them captive...sometimes for an hour or more. The older kids could see how hydrostatic work could be turned into mechanical work; but most of the children just came to play in this wonderful stuff. To tell the truth, I envied them and their sense of discovery.

I think I am beginning to understand why we act like kids when we go out for a paddle.

Paddle safe...

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