Friday, September 11, 2009

(First of all, thanks to the nice words some of you sent since yesterday's post. I know that some of you have posted many many more times than you still, I wanted to share the small event with you.)

Give 'em lip
Every now and then, someone asks me what they should look for when buying a new kayak. That's when I get light headed and feel the way I did as a kid while getting an enema. It's just too much to ask. There are so many things to consider, and one cannot test for them all until they have actually had the boat for a while. After all, it is hard to test paddle a boat in every condition before purchasing it. There are, however, some structural things to look for including one or two small details. Among them is what I call the boat's lip.

The Romany, which I have been told is a cult boat, has a feature/flaw (at least mine does) that would not be detected unless one got in and put their skirt on the boat. The problem is that there is little clearance between the cockpit rim and the rear deck making it difficult to get the skirt started and almost impossible with winter mittens on. A small thing that is right there every time I get into the boat.

It's like the bungee cord arrangement on the front deck which flaws are never noticed until you tip over and lose everything on deck (I always tell students that those stretchy lines are, in fact, for storing items you don't mind losing). On and on it goes with the devil residing in the details.

Now, I sit here expecting my new boat in the next two months and awfullizing over what horrible thing I didn't think to check before ordering. Oh well, there can always be another kayak.

Happy 33rd wedding anniversary to my beautiful and ever young bride, Linda.

Paddle safe...

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