Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Then...
The paddle is over, and you've had a great day on the water. Folks are checking the tie downs on their cars while others change into dry clothes. Equipment is rinsed off and tucked away in bags and backs of car. And then...

Some folks say their good byes and head home, but most of us start negotiating where we will meet for the post-paddle get together, the session in which we will catch up on family, find out about paddlers we haven't seen in a while and argue about all sorts of stuff.
More often than not, we go for coffee. More specifically, we go to Sven's. It's 2 minutes from our launch site, the coffee and food are above average and Steve (owner of Sven's) is often there to bend our ears. I often have soup since, alas, coffee has begun irritating my GI tract (you know you're getting old when coffee disagrees with you and whiskey goes down easier). So, after the last paddle with Leslie, we headed to the north side and the Dairy Queen near out homes. I tell you, when the weather is warm there is nothing like one of their vanilla cones dipped into chocolate. Oh, Mama. Which, of course, reminds me of an interesting (perhaps only to me) story.
I know the people who originally owned this franchise, and some time ago they invited me to speak to their state-wide meeting of franchise owners (I don't remember why, but it was on cardiology). I asked to see a nutritional sheet on their products and was surprised to see how relatively low in fat their "ice cream" was compared to other brands. You need to know that here, in Wisconsin, there are minimum fat levels you need to meet to before calling something ice cream.

In any event, I pointed this out to them during my talk and suggested they use that in their advertisement and point out the "health" benefit. To my surprised, murmurs went through the room, and they all appeared uncomfortable. When I asked why, they explained that Wisconsinites would think this an inferior product and not real stuff if it didn't have enough fat. And now you see why cardiologists are so busy around here.

You see, it does make a difference what you do after the paddle.

Paddle safe...

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