Saturday, September 26, 2009

A lull in the battle

Friday, 5am, off to airport for flight to Baltimore. Saturday (today), stood 6+ hours doing a seminar on cardiology. Had a fine Cabernet yesterday and celebrated a successful seminar today with JB's favorite whiskey on the rocks. Spoke with Lady Linda, and all is well at home. 6:30 pm here. Plan a light supper, then early to bed to be ready for the 4 am shuttle to the airport. If all goes well, home early Sunday am with, hopefully, time to get in a paddle.

I'm getting too old for this crap...and I love it.

Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

you are not too old. or tired.

hope you found the time for a paddle!

Silbs said...

I appreciate that...and you are correct. Hell, I could keep going like this for at least another 20 minutes. As it turns out, I did paddle yesterday and will probably get out again tomorrow. Life is good.