Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Atomic Energy and Other Irresistible ForcesI didn't have to be admitted to an intensive care unit, but I did spend much of yesterday recovering. Our youngest was here with our grand daughter, Adena. This little bundle of joy is, fortunately, her father's daughter. It's not that our daughter isn't mellow, it's just that our son in law in really mellow; and so is his daughter. As long as she is fed, not hurting too much from teething and dry on the bottom, she is lay back, intense in her concentration and quick to smile. One other thing. Like all babies, she sucks the energy out of the place.I have come to call her squeaky as the noises she makes while asleep wake me. And right there, my friends, is why I was so tired by time she left. I was waking up at all hours having heard a noise and fearing she was in distress. Although everything would be fine, I was often unable to fall back asleep, at least for a while. At the end of the gig it was I who was in exhausted distress. There just isn't any substitute for age.

Paddle safe...

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Mine's said...

Oh but she is just oh so cute. She almost sat up from a lying down position all on her own.

Just wait for the last weekend of October. Her and Jojo together. We will all need a vacation.