Saturday, October 03, 2009

It's Just Water
It has been pointed out that photography is the art of recording light and that the photographer's challenge is to find something upon which to bounce the light so that it becomes visible. Photography is a wonderful medium. With modern, rapid lenses we can actually photograph a bullet in flight and freeze the moment it shatters its target. It allows us to capture what the human eye cannot see or the brain process. On the other hand, by "slowing down" the light we can also see ordinary things in a new way. One such target that has always fascinated me is water, the media in which we play.

Waves are difficult to record in a way that shows off their majesty unless they are crashing against something. simple flow, on the other hand, only requires that we record the image at a speed of 1/15th of a second or slower.Doing so simply allows images to pile atop one another and be recorded as if happening at the same instant. It's easy to do (don't forget the tripod), makes for a satisfying image and is (at the end of the day) just water.

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RoyM said...

water is a very attractive siren...nice images

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