Friday, October 02, 2009

It Will Soon Be All OursIt can get crowded out there. Folks often forget that we get trans Atlantic shipping as well as Great Lakes' vessels going in and out of the Milwaukee harbor. More over, there are skippers running about in sail and power driven crafts. Through in the surfers, kite surfers and wave runners, and you have some days with lots of folks per square mile of water.

Then, too, there are the moored vessels around the two major yacht clubs and etc. etc. Soon, however, it will mostly be ours. The moored boats will go into storage leaving logs attached to their mooring chains. The majority of fair weather boaters, of all classes, will disappear until next spring. All that will be left will be the occasional coast guard vessel, a desperate fisherman and the sea kayakers.

I find it odd that many paddlers take a pass on winter. After all there is plenty of good gear to keep us warm and, besides, the sport started in a place where summer wasn't all that much different from our winters. Go figure.

Paddle safe...

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